Our Products

IP PBX System:

The CooVox-Series IP Phone system is the ideal solution for business with up to 500 extensions and up to 80 concurrent calls. Adopting an innovative modular design, means it is very convenient to add telephony ports to expand the phone system.

  • 30 ~ 500 registers & 10 ~ 80 concurrent calls supported
  • G.722 HD Voice Codec supported
  • Hardware Echo Cancellation supported
  • Modular design for flexible solutions
  • G connection supported

IP Office for SOHO:

UC510/UC520 is designed as IP Office for SOHOs (Small Office and Home Offices)specially. The new solution offers not only a Wi-Fi router supporting 3G/LTE data access (UC520), ADSL, VPN Client/Server, VLAN... but also a fully featured IP PBX can host up to 10 extensions with 2 analog ports connected (PSTN line (FXO) / analog phone (FXS)), and supports Call Forward, Call Recording, Blind/Attendant Transfer, Conference, and so on.

UC510/UC520 is configured and managed through a single web GUI which significantly reduces the time and effort required to install the product.This simplified management and reduction in hardware costs through merging two products into one makes the UC510/UC520 an amazing and cost effective solution for SOHOs.

SIP Speaker:

The SIP based audio system iSpeaker utilizes the built-in intercom and paging capability already inherent in most modern IPPBX systems and enhances this to improve end user experience by providing a dedicated high performance digital amplifier on which to broadcast announcements or play background music.

There are two models of ZYCOO iSpeaker now: B20 and C20. B20 supports 10 Watt amplifier and C20 supports 3.5 Watt amplifier, which will provide sufficient coverage to the assigned rooms or spaces as you required. And the big difference between B20 and C20 is that C20 supports broadcasting and intercom, but B20 supports broadcasting only.

They are ideal solutions to deploy in all types of environments including schools, offices, airports, and other public spaces. For additional functionality, an IP video camera can be configured to connect to iSpeaker and the resulting high definition images are transmitted to monitors located in assigned rooms.

The SIP based, ZYCOO iSpeaker is compatible with any brand of SIP Phones so an announcement via iSpeaker can easily be effected by initiating a call from a SIP phones via its handset, headset or handsfree mode.

Aside from announcements, remote access to the web interface provides remote control and configuration of your iSpeaker if the unit is located in other rooms or floors. Additionally there are 4 freely programmable pins that can be used for controlling the peripheral devices around iSpeaker.

Basic Features:
  • Support SIP2.0 (RFC3261)and related RFC protocol;
  • The DSP integrated echo cancellation and noise suppression. If special or higher voice quality is required then ZYCOO hardware echo cancellation module is an excellent choice;
  • The simple intercom is supported by C20 with a 3.5mm standard I/O interface;
  • Easy management and configuration from Web interface;
  • Support encrypted communication;
  • Online update of software;

Coofone IP Phones:

CooFone-D30/D60 is feature-rich IP Phones for office business. Programmable Softkeys and function keys allows you to define more features easily and enhance your productivity. With HD codec G722, and echo cancellation, you can enjoy the wonderful voice quality in the constant communication environment. The reasonable price with default PoE supported, as well as expandable key module(optional), remotable auto provisioning and software upgrating, this IP Phones will provide you the valuable working experience.

P-Series Hardware:

The P-Series Hardware Appliance is the newest platform offered by Zycoo. Featuring an Intel Atom CPU and Gigabit network interfaces, the P-Series appliance is the perfect solution for everything from VoIP software such as Elastix to Firewall software such as Untangle and pfSense. By utilizing Zycoo’s custom telephony modules, the P-Series hardware supports up to 8 FXO/FXS, 2 T1/E1, 8 GSM, and 4 BRI (depending on model). Additionally, with the optional hardware echo cancellation module, customers will experience high quality audio transmission .

WI-FI Smart Camera:

We Bring World's most convenient WIFI IP CAMERA. From installing to setting up to customer friendly app that allows two way speaking, accessing history of the Camera through the app, to motion detection barking alert - this small wonder is full of big surprises and never before features. For more details read below, or check the video below
Smart Camera brings some awesome, first-in-the-world features.

Open up the pack, power up the camera, intall Samrt Camera app on your mobile (available for iPhone and Android) and follow simple step by step procedure. On an average customers are able to install within 10 minutes. For further details refer the manual that comes with the product

Goodbye Expensive DVRs, Wires & Exorbitant Set Up Charges: No more buy expensive DVRs and runnin wires everywhere to connect DVR and Cameras. With inbuilt 32gb Micro SD card slot you can save/store in the SD card and access it through the Smart Camera App.
Two way talking - You can talk to the person at the other end by pressing the microphone button on the app. Do note the quality varies as per the internet connection.
Accessing Recording History through APP: In app access to the recording histroy is available. If you install a Micro SD memory card in the camera, through APP you can set up the recording settings as well as access the history.
Motion Sensor Bark & In app notification: If you are out of home, you can activate motion sensor through your app. Anyone crosses the path of the camera, the camera will bark, take pictures and upload it on the app.
Night Vision: Thanks to infrared enable lens, you can access the videos in low light/night conditions.

Range: 92 degree
Mega pixels: 1.3 mega pixles
App: Type 'Cleverdog' in App Store or Google Play - Full Function App is free for all Cleverdog users
Lens: Color Lens, Wide Angle
Video Encode/Decode: H.264
Resolution: 720x576@15fps
Night Vision: Built-in photographic lens, automatically enabled infrared LED under low illumination
Storage: Supports Micro SD card, 32GB
Working Temparature: -10-60 Degrees Celsius, Indoor

Fuel Monitoring:

Today, GPS Tracking device or GPS Tracking unit is used widely all over the world to monitor vehicle, truck, excavator or even train location and speed.

But it's not only one purpose of GPS tracker...Technoton Sensors breaks application limits and introducing to Indian customers powerful GPS and GNSS Fleet monitoring and Genset monitoring solutions.

Adopting a fuel monitoring system for fleet management will not only exclude fuel theft and ensure company vehicles are used appropriately, you will also benefit from:

  • refining fuel consumption rates (very important for special equipment, where fuel is written off according to operating hours)
  • vehicle operating time monitoring
  • improving fleet profitability
Depending on the conditions and the equipment, different fuel monitoring methods can be applied:
  • DFM fuel flow meters
  • DUT-E fuel level sensors
  • Crocodile contactless readers
  • MasterCAN vehicle data interfaces
  • Vehicle Tracking Device MVT17 (GPS Tracker)
Technoton solutions are easily integrated into fleet management and fuel monitoring systems such as CKPT.
Technoton has gained an extended experience in developing, manufacturing, and installing fuel monitoring systems on highway trucks, light commercial vehicles, diesel trains, river boats, tractors, special equipment, furnaces, burners, and diesel generators.

Technoton quality management system is certified according to the international ISO 9001:2008 and the national STB ISO9001 standards.

With Technoton products you can:
  • Monitor fuel consumption:
    • prevent fuel theft
    • optimize fleet operations
    • monitor fuel line condition
    • monitor engine operation mode
  • Monitor your vehicles and manage your fleet:
    • detect unauthorized trips and underhand cargo
    • avoid fines for exceeding load limits
    • monitor vehicle location in real time
  • Remotely diagnose vehicle problems:
    • receive data from CAN and J1708 buses
    • diagnose vehicle ECUs
    • simulate CAN bus
    • collect data from sensors and vehicle CAN buses and send it to the tracking device
    • integrate standard onboard sensors and vehicle ECUs into S6 telematics bus
Technoton has been successfully developing fuel monitoring solutions for 14 years. We have built the team and expertise you can trust!

Fuel monitoring sensors for vehicle tracking systems:
Fuel level sensor DUT - E Designed to measure the fuel volume in tank. There are number of modifications of various length and interfaces.

Compatibility requirements: terminal of vehicle tracking system should have one or two analog inputs or RS-232 interface or RS-485 interface or CAN interface.
Fuel flow meters DFM Designed to measure the flow in the fuel line of engine. Produced as one-way (direct) fuel flow meters, and differential fuel flow meters. There are versions for different ranges of fuel consumption.

Compatibility requirements: terminal of vehicle tracking system should have one or two frequency inputs.

Map showing position of GNSS/GPS units, connected to Data Center in One hour: